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This blog is dedicated to the most beautiful soul on earth.
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Thank you to all my followers for your support through the 3 years luhanshijie has been running.

Whether you followed from the start or just yesterday (in which I apologise for this action LOL) some of you may have noticed the recent inactivity taken place over the last several months. I have decided to announce that Luhanshijie will be on a permanent hiatus due to lifestyle change and maintenance issues.

However, I will not delete it as it may be useful as a database for the older events featuring Luhan (and all the hours and effort I used to put in lol cries).

Thanks again for my followers, you’re the best ^-^ 


Luhan’s Weibo Header was changed into Galaxy

14/20 days of Luhan - flawless side profile

luhan trying to prove that he’s sexy

friendly reminder that:

april 15th: exo's comeback showcase
april 16th: overdose mv
april 18th: xoxoEXO (new reality show)
april 20th: roommate show with chanyeol
tba: exo planet (show), mv teaser, highlight melody

25/100 BW of the deer prince